Kate E Walter

Children's Illustrator
Winking mammoth by Kate E Walter

About Me

My work ranges from very simple characters for younger children to more complex illustrations, and whilst aimed mostly at children, adults also like them.

I always enjoyed the art work of illustrators such as Joseph Wright, Korky Paul and Graham Oakley. The things I always liked was that there were always lots of other sub-plots going on in the illustrations. There were lots of little characters around the periphery who, although initially unconnected, were in some way affected by the main story going on above or around them.

Not surprisingly perhaps, I find that I also enjoy creating these sub-plots.


Recently completed work

... and the sketches

Some of these had an afterlife, some not...


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Hello, I’m back after an absence, but with a brand new updated wonderful website. But can’t claim to have built this myself. This is all down to the wonderful SuperRuss!

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